Tribunals are they worth the hassle and how do they work?

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Appeal to the first tier tribunal

You can appeal to the tax tribunal online.

You’ll need:

  • a scan or photo of your original notice or review conclusion letter
  • reasons for your appeal, so the judge can understand your side of the argument

You can also use this service to apply to close an enquiry.

However, the intervention of a specialist adviser even later on in the case or as a second opinion, can often prevent the need or an extremely costly tribunal process and there’s always ...

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Meant to declare my income but now, I’m scared to – is it too late!!

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Many people have been trading or letting property for years unbeknown the taxman!

He will catch up with you one day, but perhaps you have escaped the net to date!

What to do —

Call Lindsay and discuss a voluntary disclosure

There are HMRC Campaigns we can utilise, saving money on penalties etc and a voluntary disclosure is the best way to come clean, settle up and save.

Get your life back and move on as one day you may need to NIC credits, or ...

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STALEMATE in my dispute or enquiry, How can I get a mediator or get HMRC to listen to me!!

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

HMRC’s  Website explains how to move a case forward if you are at Stalemate!

Ask Lindsay how to go forward best with this and achieve your goals on 07584 706664 it’s not without it’s problems!

How ADR works from HMRC’s website

A HMRC mediator who has been trained in mediation skills and techniques will work with you and the HMRC officer dealing with your case.

They will help you both explore ways to resolve your dispute, including helping you:

  • focus on the areas that ...
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