Help with Tax investigations – Tax Crisis Don’t go it alone !

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Tax Crisis – Don’t go it alone !

Would you fix your own leaking roof !

Would you service your own car!

Or mend your own computer!

Not if you got a good price from an expert!

Any tax issues need an expert too

I’m the tax investigations expert and there is no shortage of these around despite the Covid19 crisis

Whether you are a sole trader, limited company or just working at home at what you thought was a part time hobby – call Lindsay ...

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Help with Tax investigations – don’t do it yourself !

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STUCK IN LIMBO – don’t do it yourself !

Tax investigations re commence after Coronavirus eases

Under Enquiry or in trouble with the Taxman ?

No time to do it yourself and confused about your rights

Don’t be bullied by the taxman

You need a specialist!


You will be flat out now trying to get back to work, earn a living or re-organising your business after the Covid19 crisis can change practices ...

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Help with Tax investigations – Tax on false job retention scheme payments

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100% tax on false Covid-19 job retention scheme payments

HMRC will be tracking down those they  suspect have broken the rules of the Job Retention Scheme – the JRS scheme, which do not allow furloughed staff to work while receiving up to £2,500 a month to stay at home.

Whistle-blowers have been out in force in their thousands to report errant employers for a variety of misdemeanours.  Employees report being paid less than the recovered 80% government furloughed money and many have been ...

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Help with Tax investigations – Covid19 Tax investigations

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FREE MONEY – The thin edge of the Covid19 wedge!

HMRC take a second look!

Any suspected false claims to universal credit and Covid19 grants will lead HMRC directly to examine other matters if you are self-employed or run your own business.

HMRC’s view has always been that  ‘if you are prepared to defraud one department then you are likely to be seeking to understate your tax liabilities too’

Giving them to opportunity to delve into any Covid19 claims made and question ...

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