Restaurants in the East Midlands and East Coast area under scrutiny

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HMRC are still engaged in what they refer to ‘in –house’ as Raids into premises.

Locally to my area, I am seeing an increase in HMRC turning up at night at eating places like takeaways or restaurants, in order to eat and then return to check the till!

And it is also going on across the UK.

HMRC staff  will order food and eat and then, as the restaurant closes, reveal their identity and call in the back up team waiting outside.

Their Till ...

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Dog Breeders under enquiry by HMRC Case Study

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Will I pay tax?


Where a breeder has another job as well as breeding and selling puppies or kittens they may find themselves falling within the tax bracket if they have made a profit.

Everyone has a level of Tax Free personal allowances each year but once these have been used up, any income over that is taxable being a net profit from breeding.

In my cases after I’ve prepared accounts net profits have not been high and many breeders have made losses.

If ...

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HMRC will NOT treat dog breeding as a hobby!

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My cases studies are revealing many different scenarios for the nations dog and cat breeders.


It’s not a hobby!

HMRC will NOT treat breeding as a hobby! this does not mean you will automatically have to pay any tax

What you do have to do however is keep good records to prove your income and expenses

Do you give an invoice or other paperwork to your buyers?

Do you keep receipts for everything you spend?

Maybe the answer is no?


Taxman’s Mantra – No receipt No ...

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Do I have to go to meeting with HMRC?

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Do I have to go to meeting with HMRC

Can they insist on an interview with me?

Whilst HMRC very often request a meeting with you in writing, putting fear running through your veins in a Civil enquiry situation, this is entirely voluntary on your part.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GO IT IS VOLUNTARY !!

It is generally best avoided as they are most likely to gain from it and you are not!

Provide the information they are seeking by correspondence wherever possible ...

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